The 2023 Festival included the following events:

Pre Festival Event
Armidale Choral Society - conductor Robert van Gend
Vivaldi Gloria and Bach Chorales

Thursday 27 April

1. Catgut and Quills -  Shaun Ng Viola da Gamba

Friday 28 April

2. Double Suites - Cello and Percussion - Rachel Scott and Ben Sibson

3. La Follia - Alana Blackburn, Joanne Arnott (Australian Recorder project) and Rosalind Halton (harpsichord).

Saturday 29 April

4. The Peasant Cantata

5. Cello and Guitars - Rachel Scottand  Duo Agostino

6. Armidale Organ Crawl - Lena Schmalz, Heather Moen-Boyd and Sheila Guymet with Robert Manley

7. Bach and the Edge of Sky - Warwick Dunham, Stephen Tafra, Stephen Thorneycroft and friends. 

Sunday 30 April 

8. Heroic Marches and Recorders - Joanne Arnott, Alana Blackburn, Benjamin Thorn and Robert Manley.

9. 2 + 2 = 4 Guitars -EphenStephen, and Duo Agostino

10. Festival Evensong


2023 Festival Program

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